A Reward For Our Prefab Cottage Enthusiasts : )

I know a lot of you are modern *and* cottage enthusiasts, so I thought I'd share the good news:

Cottage prefab enthusiasts, I present... Midway.

To reward cottage enthusiasts for your patience, the first prefab cottage Midway purchased will be offered at a substantial discount.

None of this is on the site yet. We're still waiting for the final pricing from the factory. It should be somewhere between the prefab large cottage, Bienvenue, and the small cottage kit, The Sinda.

Each kit varies slightly in price depending on which factory fabricates it (East coast is less expensive than the West coast factories, for example, and the factory closest to you fabricates the kit) but we are really trying to stay on these prices and pressure the factories to offer the Bienvenue for $39,280, and The Sinda for $28,053.

That includes the design documents by the award-winning architecture firm Gelotte Hommas (which are then engineered by your engineer to fit your local conditions, hence addressing snow loads, hurricane, etc. if it needs to be tweaked) and the SIPs (structural insulated panels) exterior and roof panels. Kits also come with a window and door schedule to make it easier for you to complete.

(Please note: If your area needs higher R values than for our standard kit, we can adjust the panel thickness and price accordingly.)

Our standard SIPs package for the modern *and* cottage house kits include:

6 5/8" SIP Wall Panels
8 3/8" SIP Roof Panels
8" SIP Wall Screws
10" SIP Roof Screws
Do-All Ply Sealant
Factory Fabrication

Permits and Fees
Equipment Rental
Structural Beams and Support
Interior/Exterior Finishes
Dimensional Lumber
Sales Tax

…and everything else that are personal choices you would make with your contractor: foundation, appliances, systems, cladding, etc. These Wall and Roof Packages are SIPs (Structural Insulated Panels) which provides *excellent* insulation.

The R value the 8 3/8” roof panels have an R-value of 29.3 when tested at 75 degrees F and a 31.6 when tested at 40 degrees F. The 6 5/8” wall panels have an R-value of 22.6 when tested at 75 degrees F and a 24.3 when tested at 40 degrees F. Recently an additive to prevent mold and mildew was added to the manufacturer’s panels (organic fungicides and a borate compound tested to be effective) with a 20 year guarantee. Thanks to you all for being enthusiastic about our prefab cottage house kits built with energy efficient structural insulated panels, *we appreciate it!!!!*

So here is the last side of our mid-sized cottage, Midway:

For those of you that want to tour a modern prefab house kit from the Green Modern Kits line, to see how the structural insulated panels and passive solar works, there will be an Open House in central Virginia for an off grid zero energy prefab passive solar casa ti from Green Modern Kits in September.

More on this later, but if you are interested in touring this prefab off grid zero energy modern house kit, there is a wonderful bike tour going on in the area during the weekend of September 26th.

Bike Heartland is a fun bike tour that goes all weekend long through a gorgeous, historic area of Virginia. I am working with some local farms to have other activities like tours of natural, community supported farms, a winery that will be open for you to enjoy, and more, so pack your tent or secure lodging and come on down!

For accommodations, see here (camping at the Heartland Bike Tour), here (Charlotte Courthouse bed & breakfasts), here (Appomattox bed and breakfasts), and here (Farmville lodging); and also be sure to visit Miss Emily's, where Necia and her husband will show you great English hospitality. (And boy does she know how to cook. Tell her Copeland sent ya. : ) )

Again, thank you all for your kind enthusiasm for our affordable modern and cottage kits.

Sincerely yours,
Copeland Casati

copeland casati
6902 park ave / rva 23226
804/ 515-7886

...The traditional sister site to Green Modern Kits.

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