New Prefab House Project On West Coast: Dogtrot Mod Passive Solar Prefab from Green Cabin Kits

Greetings from Green Modern Kits!
If you hadn't heard, there is a new prefab house kit construction project underway in the Pacific Northwest from our sister site, Green Cabin Kits.

Yes, the modified Dogtrot Mod Passive Solar Modern Prefab House in the Pacific Northwest begins.
Passive solar modern prefab house from Green Cabin Kits: The Dogtrot Mod
This is the standard Dogtrot Mod, before modifications.
Ok now let's dig into this prefab construction project! 
Here are more pictures of our standard Dogtrot Mod modern prefab house so you can better see what the client changed:

Now THIS prefab house, a modification of our Dogtrot Mod in the Pacific Northwest, will henceforth be referred to as...

First: Wait. What happened to the Dogtrot Mod?!? 
The clients extensively changed it! 

They enclosed the breezeway to accommodate for their Northwest local conditions.
The breezeway is now a solarium!
They also changed the roofline to address snow loads / local conditions, as well as to add solar.

There is a basement!
HOWEVER, the basement is in just one area, and the rest of the Wolftrot prefab house rests upon slab. 

The clients also designed a garage to accommodate daily practical function as well as a workbench area.

You can follow along with this particular prefab project in short, more professional updates here in the Green Modern Kits project blog, or updates with more rambling but still specific to the Wolftrot prefab house project, here.
If you like, you can also follow our own off-grid life at our own passive solar prefab house (and often, wandering around on adventures), here. But do note I ramble.

In the meantime, I hope you are all well.
Kind regards,
Green Modern Kits

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