Modern Passive Solar Prefab House: New Project On The West Coast From Green Modern Kits

Modern Passive Solar Prefab House In The Bay Area Has Planning Approval! Onward!

My own off grid prefab house from Green Modern Kits.
The modern passive solar prefab house in the northwest / the Bay Area has Planning approval! Onward we go to the building department!

Now that this project is a go, go, GO, I am going to give it a tag so that people can follow this prefab house kit project's story.

We will be busy rustling together the client, architect of the modern prefab house, The R1 Residential, and the distributor these weeks, following up with the engineer and contractor, bringing the whole team together.

The next step for us would be to get the project into the final Shop Drawing phase and prepared for panel production...

For those of you interested in this West Coast modern prefab house project, here's a rendering the architect, Morgan Pierce, of 3North, based in Richmond, DC, and San Francisco, generously shared of The Modified R1 Residential modern prefab house:

Because the design documents had been continued to be modified until the final approval by Planning and Zoning by the architect, it was only once they were approved did we pass on the final modified version to the SIP (structural insulated panels) dealer close to the client within our network to get the final, final quote for this project and move on to converting them, via an engineer, into SIP shop drawings and construction documents, as nothing can be changed or modified after Planning's approval.

They are in the process of doing that now, and we expect to submit those documents to Permitting in the next few weeks.

Thanks for your interest in Green Modern Kits, and our passive solar SIP prefab house kit projects!

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