Modern Prefab House Updates: San Francisco Prefab And A Southwest Modern Cabin Prefab NEWS

Greetings from our own off grid prefab house, a casa ti from Green Modern Kits!
It is good to be home.

But you are here for the latest modern prefab house project updates!

From our sister site, the modern prefab cabin Green Cabin Kits projects, we had an update from a client is building a modern prefab, the CornerHouse, in the southwest.
Modern prefab cabin, CornerHouse, from Green Cabin Kits.

"...The site itself is located in a recreation area called the 'Granite Dells', an area of exposed Precambrian bedrock which is over 1.4 billion years old. Over time, the rock has eroded to form spectacular vistas of boulders that seem to be delicately balanced into most interesting formations, which are very popular with hikers and rock climbers alike.

The uniqueness of the geography does not come without its challenges, as homes in this area often require significant engineering to account for the granite outcroppings and silty, decomposed granite soils. 

As of late, the area has also become known for its unique architecture, with several modern homes dotting its otherworldly landscape, as well as geodesic domes, cave castles and earth ships."

When undertaking this project, Justin put great deal of care into finding a design that would complement the unique beauty of the area and when he first discovered the CornerHouse plan 2013, he knew immediately it would be a perfect fit. 

"The site itself sits prominently elevated above the granite basin of the Dells, nestled in a small ravine and visible to the streets below. To access the site, you must ascend a narrow gravel drive to a secluded cul-de-sac where the residence will sit atop 13 concrete piers, providing panoramic views in almost all directions."

Regarding the modern prefab home project outside of San Francisco, it went through... iterations.
If you recall, we made custom modifications for the client, adding lots of fun features including a roof deck on the addition, and a back balcony: 

Thus leaving our hands, further changes were made (notably the windows) and this is what was built:
(images via Google)
We have more prefab house project updates to come, notably from the Northwest, the deep south, and more!

Personally, I am resting up after a BUSY summer of back-and-forth, to embrace being back at our own off grid prefab house, a casa ti from Green Modern Kits!
I just want to curl up with a good book, start cooking stews, have a little quiet time after the frolicking rollicking summer... 
Wait. What's that noise?
It is good to be home, even though the teens DID have a great time over summer in their travels.
But right when you think you can kick back and just busy yourself with green building...
the teen college tours and equestrian shows begin.
Speaking of teens and college tours, we did had a great time visiting the green-building architect of Green Modern Kits's casa ti, David Day, and his wonderful wife during a recent university tour.
And thus, fall begins.
Stay tuned.

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