Green Modern Kits News! October 2008

Hello everyone, I hope you are having a beautiful fall!
This time of year, my family and I spend Friday evenings cooking food that won't spoil quickly, carefully packing our bags, charging the lantern and getting ready to head for the land at first Saturday light. It's busy, a lot of work, but never loses the excitement of the ritual as we prepare for our weekend.

As you may know, our Virginia casa ti foundation work has begun (and may be complete by the time you read this - expect an update on the blog later this weekend), so if you would like to follow along with our own house kit construction, you may subscribe here:

As always, I have been pulling some frugal and crafty tricks out of my hat. My contractor is more than bemused- last week I found old weathered doors made in 1905 I always imagined would look so cool juxtaposed with the super sleek concrete and modern design of the kit... for $2 apiece! (I felt so guilty I paid... $4...)

And then this week, on, I scored another piece o' history for the house: The VMI basketball court.
Oh, yes I did:

On the furniture kit front, Akemi Tanaka is in the prototyping phase of her work, and we will have her first piece constructed for the Virginia casa ti, so there will be more information, photos, and furniture kit prices coming soon.

And The Ohanahaus? They've been busy, zipping between working in California and settling in Oklahoma as they interview builders and finalize their interior. More updates on them soon! (You can also follow along their blog; he said that now they're back in Oklahoma he will be blogging again.)

During this economic crisis we are all tightening our belts.

Cautious and steady stays the course. Keep paying off your land, keep saving for your house kit, or even consider ReFabbing (making your home more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly) your existing home. If you're stretched, then now is not the time to stretch further!

Don't worry, we'll be here... we're here for the long run.
First, I started with an amazing product: gorgeous, green design that is energy-efficient and environmentally friendly, utilizing passive solar principles, as cost-effective as possible.
Secondly, this is my passion. I'll never stop doing this because I love doing it, and believe we're the best out there.
Third, we always aim to improve. We constantly analyze and research and strive to be better. As new technology comes out, I consider it. As improved methods appear, I adapt it.

Green Building For The Rest Of Us!
: )

Sincerely yours,
Copeland Casati

P.s. Here's one more thing: Take a deep breath, and remember:

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